Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Potential?

The initial one we looked at was significantly smaller (condo), and I actually like the place and its convenience, but we later forgot that there wasn't a place for the maid to stay. Not a good thing.

This other place is rather inconvenient though, but for the price, it might be a steal...there's a road that leads straight towards the house though...my parents are concern...this fengshui thing needs to be looked into.

Street View Link

Just did a quick check.

  • 2km away from MRT
  • 15mins via car to MacRitchie Reservoir (10 from current home)
  • 1hr via bus to work (about the same)
  • 1hr 15mins via bus to Suntec (10-15mins longer)
  • 1hr 15mins via bus to Scape (15mins longer)
  • 1hr 30mins via bus from Babe's House to Mine (20 mins longer!)

All manageable timings I guess. That's what happens when you stay landed, you get first world problems. Anyway it's mum who wants to enjoy a nicer house to retire in, guess this will do her good.

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