Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rain Running at NB

Despite the rain this evening, a bunch of us headed out under the weather for a run along the barrage. We had two visitors from Australia join us and they were keen to do a bit of running and sightseeing, so we took them for a 12km trip to and fro.

Overall a decent run this evening. =)

Beef Soup


Beach Out with the Running Department

I was invited by Terence and the folks at RD to a beach gathering on Sunday at Sentosa last weekend and as I was free during the time of asking, I went ahead and found myself on Sentosa Island with the RD folks for some chill time apart from the usual running.

The gathering included food which was contributed by the runners, I felt bad for not providing, guess I'll get something prepped next time round instead! =)

Despite it raining twice while we were there, it was all cheers on the sand and everyone was having fun.

I, as usual, just relaxed at one corner and whipped out the camera because you know...lazy.

Anyway the day ended with dinner at at Wah Chee at Dover, followed by desserts at Sunday Folk in celebration of Raymond's birthday the next day.

Overall a wonderful day spent with the guys at the Running Department, it's been a blast and a joy hanging with the feel good people. =)

On the Steamer

It didn't very long to convince me to get a steamer for the office, since I'm really quite into food (duh), it was more of a "how much? so cheap? ONZ" kind of response I gave before I found myself online purchasing my very own electric lunch box.

Tested it out today and I'm really happy with it, this was meant for two but the mumster didn't come to office in the end, so less rice for me, and more meat, veg, and eggs.

Good meal =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

9km with the Department

Joined the Running Department this evening for a run around the Marina area. Wasn't feeling too good this evening from lack of sleep but still managed a 5:30 average, phew!

Ended the run with a group photo by the newly installed Christmas Tree at the plaza square.

Prawn Noodles

Dinner after tonight's run.

YTF Luncheon

At the office canteen.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dinner at Char

With Adrian, Eve, and Paul. Awesome stuff! The roast pork didn't hit the spot like it did the last time though...not sure why...perhaps its cause the one at KL blew it away.

Cze Char Luncheon

Met up with Jane from lunch and decided to try the place Eunice suggested previously, cause the decision was made at the last minute we didn't get to invite the rest along.

Not bad! Though, I wasn't a fan of the Hong Kong noodles which was a bit too starchy.

Floorball Monday

Intense! I was pretty tired by the end of the session, but it was a good one! With Colin, Al and Calvin.