Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Was expecting this, I only wanted a top down shot but then he started to yawn! =)

Taken with the Nexus 5.

Home Cooked Curry Chicken

Not the traditional kind, there wasn't much food left at home, but my mum had stocked up on curry paste that we needed to do something about them, so I swung by the supermarket and got some chicken filets, snow peas and garlic, then came home and worked with an eggplant and half a carrot.

I Don't Really Want a 6 Inch Nexus

I love the new iPhone, the only thing holding me back is having to fork out more than double the price of a Nexus device to own one for the few additional features.

That said, if the recent rumors are true, the next nexus is going to be a 6 inch slab, that's the size of the iPhone 6+ and Note 3.

I'm really not too keen on having a beast of a phone in my pocket. the Nexus 5's 5 inch screen is the magic number for me, plus I'm not sure about the overall design of the new upcoming phone.

I guess we'll see when it becomes official in about a month's time.

Meatball & Fish Soup

Lunch this afternoon, weather is too damn hot and I think I shouldn't have eaten too much >.<

Kitty Portraits #18

Love how his paws appear from under his chin.

GoPro Hero 4 - 4K Recording Baby!

Actually, I don't really care much for the 4K, but the dynamic range on this thing is really good, and so is the low light!

That said, yes GoPro post edit their videos. Still, it's a really nicely edited one!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Floorball Monday

Joined Colin and Calvin along with a few other folks for a game of floorball today.

Good workout, glad I made it!

Fried Hokkien Mee

Lunched! Haven't had this in awhile, and boy was this stall good! No regrets. =)

Iron Man Post Celebrations

It took a bit of planning from the SERT fellows but after some arrangement, a bunch of Sebby's closer friends got together on Sunday evening for a meal in celebration of his birthday that passed a week ago.

It's my first time at Haramiya and I really like the BBQ options, so good! We didn't go for the buffet though, the ala carte sets alone were pretty filling and cheaper...add in 1 or 2 meat sides and you're pretty much stuffed after everything is finished.

I think Sebby kinda knew that things were being planned, but nonetheless he didn't know what it was, and when Cristina whipped out the cake, as well as the card and present, it put a smile on his face right away.

All in all an awesome evening with a wonderful bunch of people, just food, laughter, and lots of big fat smiles. =)