Sunday, March 01, 2015

Lenny & I

Wasn't really planning anything, Chewie wanted a photo with Lenny before the day ended, and since I had my BFT set up, I figured what the heck, and took a few shots.

Steak Dinner

Managed to grab steak for dinner tonight, glad the crust came out great! =D

RD @ Willing Hearts

Third time here this year, spent an entire morning at the Willing Hearts soup kitchen preparing food for the needy, it's not easy doing this, can't imagine the amount of work the volunteers do on a daily basis, there's more help on weekends but what about weekdays?

My deep respect goes out to them.

RD CNY Dinner @ WNK & Desserts 2 NB @ Stranger's Reunion

Didn't do much running on Saturday, had to do more sleeping to recuperate from a lot of work these past few days.

Good to catch up with friends over non-running activities. =)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hor Fun Dinner

Ended work pretty late, clearing stuff in time for reservist.

Gosh, super tired!

BNI Lo Hei

Well...for the sake of business eh?

Economic Rice

Yep, I do miss a good oily but comforting economic rice meal, especially one with a nicely fried omelet and luncheon meat.

NB Sports Hub Run

Did a slow solo run this evening, basically sweeping the back alone.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

BK Dinner

Wanted Subway but when I got there at 8:50pm, tables were up and the staff were already cleaning up.

Store closes at 9:30pm...


Lunch at Circuit Road before a meeting after.