Friday, December 19, 2014

Dim Sum on a Cold Afternoon

Lunch near my meeting place, the rain was pouring so hard, something hot was in order. =)

Christmas Came Early

Received a gift from Alice yesterday, one of our runners from the NB Runners club, really love it! Thank you so much. =)

13km @ NB Sports Hub

Did the original 5km with the NB runners but decided to steer off and do my own additional 3km. Weather took a turn for the worse. Was also later slowed down when a cyclist skidded and fell, and I ended up helping him up and checking to see if he was ok or his bicycle was still in riding condition. Thankfully it was just a surface wound.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MHK Dinner

Dinner after the run

10km w RD

Did 5 loops at the Barrage this evening, felt tired but managed to push on pretty well. Good run. =)

Electric Luncheon

Lunch in the office!

A Merry Steamboat Affair

So last Saturday, I got invited to a steamboat dinner organized by Jane at LJ's house. I believe it was my second time at their place and thankfully this time it did not involve alcohol. =P

Apart from the food, there was gift giving as well, and I scored a Starbucks tumbler, I need to start drinking my Nespresso in the office again if not it'll be such a waste.

There was also a gift giving of "unwanted items" from your house, and while I didn't participate, others did and took things from their home they didn't need to exchange. Sherri apparently thought it was a joke thing, and brought along disposable chopsticks and wet naps to exchange! It was hilarious and really made everyone's evening.

Overall it was a wonderful evening spent with a fun bunch.