Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lunch at Nowhere Coffee

There's a new joint at West Coast Plaza serving up food and coffee. I didn't hang for the coffee but tried their pasta and a drink.

For $22 in total, I'm not sure if it's worth spending at such a location, pasta was good but for $14.80...=\

Duncan KL Road Trip 2014 - Day 2

So to follow up on the recent trip top KL, day two saw us getting up and bringing some of the younger guys for breakfast before heading to the contest. We got them to try the drunken chicken but somehow this time round the chef had toned down on the alcohol for us after our feedback the day before that we felt it was too strong...they reacted pretty strongly to the dish, which would have meant had they tried the original, their reaction might have been hilarious!

I went for something simpler, laksa, it wasn't that bad btw, pretty awesome.

When we got to the venue, the contest hadn't started yet, so it was a lunch break, and to move away from the local delights, we found ourselves at a burger place instead.

It was a quick meal and we didn't hang long, soon it was back to the contest to check out the finalists.

Again, very few pictures, I spent a lot of time at Sungei Wang looking for clothes actually.

At the end of it all, the Singapore team managed to take home 2 out of the 6 prizes that day, while the rest were all smiles having tried their first hand at an international contest.

Before heading back to Singapore, Colin and I rushed to the beef noodle stall for one last bite before calling it a day.

The short trip had been rather fun so far, I was glad I made the trip up instead of stay back in Singapore and do the usual routine stuff.

Overall an awesome short vacation, looking forward to the official on in December. =)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sightseeing with the Running Department

Did a good 11km this evening and asked Hatta my BMT mate along for the run.

Good workout, not to mentioned we got to try a new route, not well lit but it was still quite an experience!

Beef Hotplate

Dinner...wasn't feeling too hungry, ate a bit and stopped halfway.

Vegetarian Luncheon

I'm not sure why I even picked this, I think it was cause they were serving black bean and peanut soup which was the main draw for me. =\

New Kicks! My First Converse

I like Converse shoes mainly for their price range, back in the day a regular pair will only set your back $50 while other shoes were priced at $100 and above.

Thing is the design wasn't that much to my liking, and I never got around finding a pair that I liked, then again I hardly shop so I seldom go into a shop specifically looking at designs.

I chanced upon this in Malaysia and for RM159 (S$62) and since it wasn't the usual style of Converse, but something I would very much prefer, I went ahead and got it, which is about time since my pair of Box Fresh sneakers look like a mess now, those have been my kicks since July 2013 so it's time to retire them.

Duncan KL Road Trip 2014 - Day 0.5 & 1

So as I had mentioned earlier, I was out of town over the weekend in KL to check out the Duncan Malaysia International Yo-yo Open 2014 contest that was being organized by a few of the senior players whom I've known since I started playing back in 1998.

The contest was more for the kids, I was there to do a little catching up and go on an eat-fest!

We had hired a mini bus that drove us all the way to our destination, and upon arrival, the first two meals of the day were Wonton and Beef noodles!

By the time we turned in, it was 3am, and after a much better sleep on the hotel, we were up at 10 to head for breakfast at a nearby food stall that served a mean Drunken Chicken Noodle.

I don't think any of us were prepared for what's to come, cause the soup was so rich in Chinese wine, it was practically going up our nostrils as we drank the broth!

It was a strong dish and one that is to me a bit of an acquired taste, with lesser wine, it might actually be a pretty solid meal.

After that, while the guys proceeded to the contest, Colin and I made another stop, this time at Wong Kee for roast pork. I'm not a huge roast pork person but this is now on my list of things to eat whenever in KL, especially since Meng Kee char siew is no longer operating near our hotel (bummer).

Of course the main reason why most of the kids were here was to take part in the yo-yo contest which we did visited. I didn't snap as much photos this time round, the purpose was for me to just enjoy the trip so I only took minimal snaps, here's some I liked from day 1.

Dinner was at Chinatown where Fong brought us for some good claypot bee tai bak with minced meat. They also had a roast pork dish that was damn awesome! No regrets and I hope we can make this a usual haunt too considering we are running out of food options what with stalls closing down and all.

Our last stop before calling it a day was to go for chicken wings and bbq seafood along Jalan Alor, yes it's very touristy but Fong did suggest that the seafood can be pretty fresh.

We chanced upon the corner outlet Wong Ah Wah and Colin later found out that their chicken wings are a must-try, so we did, and wow, the chicken was really tender and fresh! It's not a complicated dish at all (wings, seasoned and bbq, that's it yeah?), but cause they used fresh chicken, it was super delicious and easily falls off the bone. =)

The stingray was also another surprise, it didn't come with sambal coated over the top, just seasoning before it hit the grill, and the meat was delicious! I'm not sure if it was because it was fresh or because of the seasoning which wasn't as overpowering as sambal which you usually get locally, but it tasted great!

So far Day 1 was turning out to be a good one, we ended our day at the massage outlet opposite the beef noodle stall where we frequent, I was looking forward to it but as usual, fell asleep midway through the massage.

Overall a good start to the holiday, will blog more about Day 2 another time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teocher Porridge

Dinner with Mum and Dad this evening.

Er...New Cat Mats

So I picked the parents up from the airport this afternoon and mum had bought some mats home from her trip in Hungary.

I...honestly do not know what to make of them. O.o

Monday, October 27, 2014

Visiting Chua

Met up with Chua in the evening, he had apparently caught cellulitis on his right foot and needed to do a minor operation to get rid of the bacteria. Thank goodness he was ok and in a pink of health, when we got to meet him, he was all cheers and more than happy to chat.

Glad all is well and hope he has a speedy recovery.