Monday, April 27, 2015

Spinworkx Showcase #7

Helped out at the Spinworkx Showcase #7 over the weekend and got to test out a bit of off camera flash.

I wanted to bring the DIY Saber Strip but the paper diffuser I bought was too fragile and tore, need to get a new one before I can start testing again.

Instead, shared a flash with Al and a shoot through umbrella.

Dumpling Soup

Lunch in the office

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Korean BBQ

With the Tier

Qing Ming Sweeping

An annual affair, went right after the run to pay my respects.

Teochew Porridge Luncheon

Lunch with the relatives

Inov8 Trail Run with Running Department

Took the camera out again today for another run with RD. That's all I'm sharing, check out Running Department's Facebook page for the rest of the photos once they are ready.

Lions XII vs Sarawak (1 - 0) 25.04.2015

Last night was my first attempt at watching live soccer. I've never been a real soccer fan, apart from Premier League Manager which I played on my PC back in 1998, everything I knew about soccer, I threw out the windows after 1998 when it was easier to follow.

Since I started watching soccer again last year, I figured I'd "one up" and watch a live match this time round. Of course, a live match would be a local game, and hence when Colin suggested watching the one between the Lions and Sarawak, I decided "why not?"

I got to admit, there's a different vibe to watching the game on the pitch than in the comfort of your own home. I still don't follow the match player for player, but in totality, it's quite nice to appreciate.

Overall a good game and I was lucky enough to catch at least one goal, which got the crowd roaring, quite a sight!

Perhaps I'll do this again, next time round when the rest of the tier are free.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

KK Wonton Noodles

With Colin after catching the match.

Curry Luncheon

Took quite a lot of eyeballing to figure out my calories. Not cooked by me but by the helper this afternoon.

Blogged from Phone (Blogaway)

12km @ Mandai

Took the hydration pack out and hit the trails this morning at Mandai.

It's been awhile but I quite miss the place. Made a wrong turn earlier though, that's how much I've forgotten the tracks here. Also slipped and fell at a muddy area.

All in all though, still a good solo run.