Thursday, November 26, 2015

Capturing the Pacers of the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

Photos are finally up on Standard Chartered Marathon's website (link) and I'm glad that most of them came out ok!

Had helped out the pacers with their Standard Chartered Marathon profile photos and it was a simple setup. I had initially planned to use strobes in a shaded area so as to keep the lighting consistent among the runners, but thankfully the shade we found had a constant lighting and hence I just stuck with a natural setting instead.

The last two shots were at a different location, thankfully they came out alright too, and rather consistent in color apart from background.

Less than 2 weeks away from race day, good luck guys!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hwee's Birthday Dinner @ Chongqing Hot Pot

Dinner with the Tier on Sunday evening in celebration of Hwee's upcoming birthday.

It's been awhile since I came to Chongqing Hotpot, and the experience was still pretty good as before. =)

Happy Advance Bday Hwee!

T-Net Kendama Contest @ Bishan Park

Joined the Tier on Saturday to check out Spinwork'x kendama event at Bishan Park. The weather was kinda killjoy but I guess we made the most out of it.

Google Nexus 6P

So after 2 years, I finally decided to upgrade my phone.

The plan was to upgrade it every year given the low price of the Nexus line, but when last year's Nexus 6 was HUGE, and cost as much as an iPhone, I decided to pass, plus I wasn't too keen on the build.

This year however, since there were two Nexus phone, and with the price brought back down to the range I wanted, all that I had left was to choose between the 5X or the 6P.

Personally I would have preferred the size of the 5X but in terms of specs, the 6P would be able to last 2 years and perform better should I skip a purchase again in 2016.

Size bump aside, and apart from the front firing speakers which is honestly life changing (why don't phone manufacturers do this more often? I don't recall this being patented), the camera quality is something I can really appreciate coming from the older Nexus 5. iPhones have generally enjoyed great photography but in 2015, it's good to see more Android phones keep pace.

Below are shots taken in various conditions and I can say I'm really happy thus far. None are post edited.

Indoor low light, shopping mall had its lights turned off as it was only 7am. Auto HDR

Same as above. Auto HDR

Back light washed out sky, but still manageable.HDR

Indoor with mall lights on. HDR

Indoor regular living room lighting. No HDR

Outdoor sheltered. No HDR

Indoor Florescent. No HDR

Indoor incandescent light. No HDR

Indoor incandescent light. No HDR

Besides the rear shooter, the front is pretty awesome too, 8mp, and wide angle, I'm not a selfie person, but when I do, I take a photo of my cat and I indoors.

Why no iPhone? Really boils down to price, After a lot of reading and user reviews from Android users, I am convinced that I can handle an iPhone now that iOS9 has a lot of the functions I want in a phone, but to put into perspective.

Nexus 6P 64gb - $899
iPhone 6S+ 64gb - $1,388

Overall I've no regrets with the phone, glad with the purchase!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Celebrating Betsy's Birthday

So last Tuesday, with the arrangement made by some of the ladies from the group I run with, we had a mini surprise dinner with Betsy at Hyatt in celebration of her birthday.

Dinner was at Straits Kitchen and it was pretty decent. Managed to help take the surprise "cake" along with the hotel's own surprise birthday arrangements they had made.

Overall a good Tuesday, I'm stuffed. Happy Birthday Ms B.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

14km @ MacRitchie

To say I miss trail running is an understatement. Was glad to finally go back into MacRitchie again during Deepavali to check out the greens and finally whip our the New Balance MT10v3 for a spin.

Awesome weather that morning. Tough but worth the run.

Photographing the Running Department GE Pacers

Was given the opportunity to help photograph some of the GE pacers recently during the Great Eastern Women's Run thanks to Running Department who managed to go through the trouble of getting us passes to walk around the event area with our cameras.

Most of the photos are up already on Running Department's Facebook page, but I figured I'd share the ones I quite like over here. =)