Monday, November 24, 2014

Sushi Tei Dinner after Brain Loading

Caught Interstellar this evening with ShuFen. Good show, really like the idea of it though I thought the blackhole scene to be a bit far fetched. Still it was a really good movie in my opinion, would recommend it to those who don't mind watching something and later sitting down to pick on its premise.

Terence later joined us for Dinner at Sushi Tei, good food and lots of random chit chat, overall an enjoyable evening to end a Sunday.

Monday's around the corner, it's back to work again. So not looking forward to it =P

Ampang YTF & Yahava Kopi

Joined the NB Runners this afternoon for lunch at 928 Ampang YTF, a place I've been to a few times with them usually after our runs at MacRitchie.

Really love the food here, and it was nice getting to catch up with some of the runners and mingle with those whom we've not met in awhile.

Food was of course, followed by coffee at Yahava with a few who had time to chill a bit longer.

We were to stay for about an hour but then it rained so we lasted pretty long at the place, I think it rained at least twice and when the next clear opportunity came by, I hurriedly got to the car and leave not wanting to be hit by another wave of showers.

Overall a decent Sunday spent with a bunch of nonsensical people. =)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

C is for Coffee & Car Siew

I was initially suppose to drop by Iskandar's engagement event right after Walton's lunch but that didn't happen after the luncheon ran over time, so I informed Hans about the miss and headed straight down for another appoint that was suppose to follow after, which was coffee at B&B with the folks at RD.

It was their first time at the place and having heard that Eve was working there, they figured it was time to go pay the "celebrity kopi soh" a visit. =D

Overall an awesome place and I foresee future visits and time passes.

Coffee was followed by Char, with Sharon and Nelson joining us after for dinner at the place. We hung a bit at the cafe since it was still early and Eve hadn't knocked off yet.

This is my second Char visit in a week...gosh! It was to celebrate Nelson's first full marathon completion in Penang, I always kinda assume the fella had been doing this for ages!

Anyway cheers to Mr Superman for a job well done! =)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lunch with Walton

Attended a Thanksgiving luncheon at the Marina Mandarin with Walton this afternoon. The thing was suppose to start at 12 and end at 2 but food only got served at about 1:20pm so I had to sit for awhile longer.

Didn't matter that much though, overall a nice luncheon and I had a good experience meeting and learning from those who were earlier investors with the group.

Morning Run with the SCMS Pacers of Running Department

Weather this morning was TERRIBLE. 21km under the blazing hot sun is no joke!

Probably the toughest 21 I've done so far in memory.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Spring Onion and Ginger Beef w Rice

Talk about a late dinner...left the office at 9:30 and was left with very few options to work with.

Fish Soup Luncheon

Lunch with the Abundance members of BNI.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rain Running at NB

Despite the rain this evening, a bunch of us headed out under the weather for a run along the barrage. We had two visitors from Australia join us and they were keen to do a bit of running and sightseeing, so we took them for a 12km trip to and fro.

Overall a decent run this evening. =)

Beef Soup


Beach Out with the Running Department

I was invited by Terence and the folks at RD to a beach gathering on Sunday at Sentosa last weekend and as I was free during the time of asking, I went ahead and found myself on Sentosa Island with the RD folks for some chill time apart from the usual running.

The gathering included food which was contributed by the runners, I felt bad for not providing, guess I'll get something prepped next time round instead! =)

Despite it raining twice while we were there, it was all cheers on the sand and everyone was having fun.

I, as usual, just relaxed at one corner and whipped out the camera because you know...lazy.

Anyway the day ended with dinner at at Wah Chee at Dover, followed by desserts at Sunday Folk in celebration of Raymond's birthday the next day.

Overall a wonderful day spent with the guys at the Running Department, it's been a blast and a joy hanging with the feel good people. =)