Thursday, September 18, 2014


The bbq chicken store I wanted was yeah. Burger loh.

Pezzos just opened up, I might consider next week! That is, if I haven't had too much junk before Thursday =X

8km at Barrage w NB

Did a 8km slow run this evening at New Balance, was suppose to go a lot slower but ended up at a pretty fast pace keeping Kelvin company until I lost him when I went up slope.

Overall a decent run though.

Lunch Box

The skit is pretty funny, and no I don't think that's how  girls really behave regarding wedding rings so it's rather stereotypical.

The ending, however, is pretty funny. =P

Gone Veg

Lunch earlier with Jane and Li Jin.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

BBB Dinner

Dinner! Asked for less rice but it looked pretty much the same, couldn't finish the carbs so I just worked on the ingredients.

NB Novena 10km & Iron Man Birthday

Was planning to head to RD this evening but was later informed that Sebby was going to get a surprise after the run at Novena by Christina, so I made a change in plans and headed over to run with NB instead, something I haven't done, Edmund's birthday =P

Tried a fast pace today though honestly the haze was very distracting, I had difficulty breathing at some parts and slowed down a bit. If I were going at a 5:15 average, Alex was probably hitting 4:30 cause he was way ahead of the pack!

Anyway it was good seeing some old faces at Novena tonight, plus I thinks Sebby was pleasantly surprised about the cake, Archer even made his way down that evening to show some support along with his kids.

All in all a good run, looking forward to tomorrow's 8km at Sports Hub. =)

Chicken Chop

Lunch today at Jurong East when I went to pick up my last piece of shirt that was altered.

Two tops are rather tight but...k la, it'll do.

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Review - The Verge

Obviously better than the last iPhone. The review doesn't touch on iOS8 much so it's not exactly an OS comparison.

Love the camera quality, features and the design.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

6.8kg Cat Food for 5.7kg Cat

Restocked food today, one bag lasts about three months so that's good.

Did a weigh in today and he's at 5.7kg, finally shed some weight! Hoping to bring him down further to 5.4-5.5kg.

Bee Hoon @ Home

Dinner at home with Dad, cooked by our maid.