Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dinner @ Home

Mum had a luncheon this afternoon and invited friends over for a meal, most of the stuff were catered though she had whipped up a few dishes for them.

Unfortunately the cooked food were wiped out and all that's left were the catered. So dinner comprised of that, and carrots, radish and potatoes found in the soup stock the maid was preparing in the kitchen.


Went for a foot massage today, I haven't done one in awhile and it was a welcome activity, though the lady whom I was assigned wasn't going as all out as I was expecting.

Waffling @ Just Want Coffee

Right after lunch, Paul, Kee Wee, Jasmine and I met up with Seb for coffee(again). Kee Wee was in the mood for waffles, so naturally, we had one ordered at the table. 

Not bad, I was loving the salted caramel ice cream more than the waffles actually. =P

Italian Coffee & Pork Tea

Met up with Jasmine, Paul, Eve and Adrian at La Ristrettos for coffee after the run, followed by Bak Kut Teh with Jasmine, Paul, Keewee, Lanie, and Ashley at Ng Ah Sio.

Lots of things to eat for lunch today. *Burp*

Single Loop @ MR

Met up with Jeff and Samantha this morning for a run around MacRitchie. Simple loop, though admittedly my legs were aching from bursting all out on Thursday during the NB warm up strides.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Econ Dinner

Had a late dinner tonight at about 10:30 at the Teochew porridge place near my old house, so glad they served that gourd (Iono the name, but it's not the bitter variant!) stir fried with egg, shiok!

Lunch @ Taste Paradise

Met up with the Jada Art, Braun Buffel and Ion team for lunch today after the BNI meeting, Wendy's birthday had just passed and so it was a thank you luncheon from BB along with birthday celebration for Wendy.

Good food, thankfully no one over ordered =P

Happy Birthday Wendy (lady on the right) =)

Abundance BNI Morning

This is the best, I woke up earlier this morning by 15 minutes, and decided to leave the house half an hour earlier to skip the traffic. Thing is by going half an hour earlier, traffic was so smooth that I ended up at the place an hour before anything started...gosh!

So I retracted the car seat, and slept in the car until 7:10am and made my way over to the meeting place.

Damn tired, I still feel zombified, but it was a good meeting nonetheless. 


Dinner last night with some of the runners at EAT. Not a huge fan of eating at that place but it was more cfor convenience and that we were in a hurry to leave after.

10km to Helix

Did 10km last night with the NB Runners, running from the Sports Hub to Helix Bridge and back. this was right after we did two extremely fast sprints that kinda jacked up the heart rate by a lot, making running at 6 min pace feel like we were hitting nearly 5.

Good run though, so glad I completed cause honestly after the sprints I thought I was gonna crap out. O.o