Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Monday, September 01, 2014

Fried Rice & Chicken Franks

Not the most nutritious meal at all, dinner was cooked by the maid and it was good but the portion was smalll, so I whipped up additional franks in the kitchen and tossed in two eggs.


Met up with Jane, LJ and Jeff this afternoon for lunch since everyone worked so close by together.

I think it was very amusing that Jane was working a fork and knife with her burger, and was joking that if her husband found out she went McDonald's without him, he'd be really jealous =P

Good meal guys. =)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Celebrating a Tai and a Cheng

Joined some of the NB Runners this evening for a dinner at The Rice Table where they were celebrating Alex and Soon Teck's birthday.

It's my first time at this Indonesian Ala Cart Buffet and it was pretty good, I'm not a huge Indo cuisine person but I thought the food here was pretty awesome, we were all pretty stuffed by the end of the meal, but later proceeded to have dessert at Honeymoon Dessert at Ion Orchard where Chester joined us for a bite.

Good evening, glad to have been invited. Happy Birthday you two! =) 

Lunch @ Home

Slept pretty long this morning, got up and it was pretty much time for lunch. It was a much needed rest.

Dinner @ Ghandi's and Masala Milk @ Tamilnadu-Kudai Canteen

Dinner this evening with Din, LJ, Jeff, Bern and Jasmine after catching Lucy. Decent movie, very fast pace, not many explanations, but hey, it's for the visuals if you ask me, sort of a "don't think too much into it" kind of movie.

Laksa(s) Luncheon

I had two types of laksa for lunch today. One at MacRitchie, another at Queensway. Guess I was craving it eh?

Bukit Timah Summit Running

Did a solo site recce this morning to check out the condition of the ascend from Dairy Farm to Bukit Timah Summit, pretty happy with the distance though I was pretty tired from lack of sleep these past few days.

Got to finally try out the Compressport calf guards as well...I've never really had any impression of compression wear, especially for the tights, but the calf guards really do help, pretty good stuff!

The Soirée at Hamilton Scotts

Attended an event last night at the Hamilton Scotts. Though it was more of a networking session for us but a really big deal for the marketing team cause the agenda was to sell the houses after all.

Managed to snap some photos before the opening. Great stuff, spent 5 hours at the showroom and got to meet a lot of wonderful people.