Monday, January 11, 2016

SaturDate (Caching, Running, Climbing and Eating)

Talk about a Saturday well spent!

Mornings was spent back at Punggol again, this time with Colin, Al, and Hannee, heading to Coney Island once more, but exploring caches along the way.

We had 3 points to cover but only 2 had caches available, one seem to be lost by the time we got there.

Caching also meant heading to parts of the island I didn't get to go the last time round I went running, taking the more scenic beach route along the way.

I think one of the coolest caches was a spider which we came across, that took FOREVER to find. We were almost about to give up until Al gave a suggestion which got us to the spot necessary to locate the item, thank goodness!

Caching was then followed by rock climbing in the afternoon, Al and I crashed a climb session with Colin, M & S at Climb Central. 

I'm still afraid of heights as I've come to realised, but managed to persist on and did a few climbs, much to my relief!

The day ended with dinner at Sacha and Sons, an american style deli serving up some really awesome sandwiches and sides.

Talk about being well fed, phew!

All in all an awesome Saturday spent, was so tired by the end of the day but looking back, it was worth it. =)

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