Wednesday, July 17, 2013

KL Birthday Trip

Since July was a busy month for the Tier this year, birthday celebrations took a twist, where Babe, her mother, and I booked a flight and found ourselves in KL for a weekend getaway.

Knowing Babe's new hectic schedule and having sacrificed some of her time for AP last year, a vacation was in order, and so KL it was, since it was the nearest destination with the least need for planning.

To help "research" on possible hotel destinations for our annual KL trip with the tier, we decided to stay at the ParkRoyal KL which was between Times Square and Pavilion. Since Babe could get a discount, why not right? It cost slightly more than YY38 after the discount, but for a hotel offering full service and a gym, the price was justifiable.

Plus, though not on a high floor, I'm loving the view of the street and Times Square from where we were =)

A cake was in order, and that's exactly what Babe got from the hotel which comp it along with a letter from the GM addressed to her. =)

The first port of call was to Meng Kee. I mean, I don't think I've had much char siew since I got back from KL in December...there wasn't a reason to do so. Char Siew back home was more of a "get-me-by", certainly not an equivalent or lower grade replacement to Meng Kee.

There's a lot of strays at Jalan Alor, a lot of kittens not just adults btw. This one seemed to have found a home at the stall, where the owner seems to feed it bits and pieces not sellable to customers.

Damn cute, it was just standing there, snoozing...yes, snoozing! People walk up as close to 3 inches in front of it and it wouldn't budge.

Cause Xinn's mum doesn't eat beef, we had a quick one at Ngau Kee right after our char siew fix. Needless to say, the bowl of noodles is still just as epic. I went for the mix pork and meatball combo while Babe dug into a mixed beef parts set.

It's quite interesting to note that F&N has teamed up with hawkers to promote their drinks together with their meals.

Cause there wasn't much agenda for Day 1, we headed back to the hotel for Babe and her mum to rest while I settled some work mail.

After making a reservation at Restoran Oversea, we headed down for dinner to give it a second chance.

While a lot of people rave about their char siew, we didn't see it, it was no where close to Meng Kee when we tried it in December, and so we didn't order it this time round. Instead we went for other signature items.

The signature shrimp in home made black sauce was the bomb! Deep fried and covered in this super sticky goo, the shell was also edible, and we even ended up scrapping the sticky left overs on the plate.

The Cod Fish, Kai Lan, and Tofu were good, the tofu was the only winner during our last trip, so we ordered it again.

You cold say overall, I thought Restoran Oversea this time was a much better experience. It served pretty decent Cze Char like you would get at a good Chinese restaurant, but the prawns were the one that stole the show.

The dinner was followed by shopping, no point photographing that.

We ended our evening with Roti Canai near Ngau Kee, Planta Roti Canai as usual, followed by a massage to end the evening.

The next day, after a quick run about the city, we (Babe's mum and I) managed to get Xinn out of bed and we headed to our first destination to kickstart Sunday...Krispy Kreme!

The day was followed by more shopping (you can see where this is going, yes I shopped too).

As Hwee had suggested Madam Kwan's to us as one of the locations to go and eat, we decided to drop by KLCC to give it a try.

I have to say, it's pretty good! It's not the same type of Nasi Lemak you get from PNL, this is more of a fixed set. The rice served was luke warm just the way I like it, at a temperature ready for consumption. The curry was spicy, and the chicken was damn tender!

The Otak was awesome too, though admittedly, the curry laksa wasn't a hit to me, it tasted a tad plain, but yes it was damn spicy too.

We spent some time at KLCC, and so I took the opportunity to grab some shots of the SWX yo-yo outdoors, followed by a few shots of Babe and I via the globe =)

After all that shopping, it was back to the hotel to wash up, followed by a trip down towards Pavilion for

Pit stop was at the food court eat Lot 10 though, we tried the beef noodles they had there and it just wasn't up to par, tourists are missing out on the goodness of Ngau Kee, this is not bad, but it's not even close!

Lok Lok was another order of the day, and after a long night, Xinn's mum headed back to the hotel while we headed to Jalan Alor for LL and another round of massage. This time I knocked out so hard from exhaustion I barely felt the massage at all.

The last day, we decided to take things very slowly. Lazy Monday you can say. We revisited Meng Kee for Char Siew, and later went on to Times Square for a bit, and sat to have dessert to kill time.

Our last meal was a chomp session at Mary Brown at the air port before taking off. Not bad, not the type of seasoning I like compared to KFC but it's definitely more tender than Colonel Sander's chicken in Singapore.

So there ends a good trip to KL, I think Babe would have preferred BKK, but anything to get her mind off work was good, and I hope she enjoyed the trip =)

Happy Birthday dear, I wished it could have been better, but I hope you had a good time too. =)

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Colin Wan said...

When are you going to start arranging a belated bd dinner for her and the group since already missed the early dates? You are the bf leh, must be pro active mah.