Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Visit to Zhirong's Office

Dropped by Zhirong's office to pay them a visit while waiting for Babe to end work last night. Quite cool to see how much has changed since November.

His brother Zhihao just started a Skate Scooter company last year, and while his current models look so so to me, the upcoming ones look fancy! Dare I say even more chio than your nonsense Skate Scooters you buy at Giant!

2012 Model

2013 Models...I believe these are the Skinnys

And their no joke too...$399-499 for the premium models, which I hear are still cheaper than the high end models from the USA going at $799-999...and they don't look pretty at all!

These are a niche hobby after all, not to be mistaken with the kids scooters. Think Aleoca vs Cannandale.

Zhirong's office is now piled with a lot of stuff, it's very his style, kinda They're now huge on drones and what not, even bumped into Mac Aw whom I haven't seen in a damn long time!

Glad to have spent some time catching up with the group, really looking forward to seeing Zhihao's business kick off.

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