Saturday, March 16, 2013

No Trail No Thrills - Ketam

I was expecting to find myself missing Saturday's bike outing cause I figured we usually booked out on Saturday during reservist, but as it was out prep phase, there wasn't much to do in camp, and hence we were let off on Friday...which only meant one thing for me...MUDSURF!

So Saturday I packed my stuff and found myself at Changi Ferry Terminal with the rest of the NTNT crew on our way to Ubin for a morning of trail riding!

Did I mention? We bumped into the Peirce Reservoir Runners Adrian, Ling, Faith and Fon Beehoon, what a pleasant surprise! They had just completed their run and we were just about to get started. Ah Siao was around too but had apparently made off first hence we didn't get to see him. =)

We did one round rather slowly, but it was prolly cause we were just getting warmed up. See broke his derailleur and was out after the first round, damn, better luck next time I guess.

Managed to get really up close with one of these fellas for photo taking...did I mentioned I get creeped out by spiders? Surprisingly I'm fine with the jumping variants.

We stopped for drinks before Andy, Brandon, Colin and I went for a second round, this time a lot faster than the first cause we were getting familiar with the route.

Before we knew it, it was nearing 12, and everyone was damn hungry after such an intensive workout...nearly 10km of off road and another 6km on road.

We grabbed one photo at the usual spot before sending the bikes for a quick rinse and calling it a day.

Not much mud surfing this time round, everything was dry and hard, there wasn't much to wash. Still, it was an awesome session and I can't wait for the next!

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