Monday, March 04, 2013

Jungle Boogie!!! Running MacRitchie to Dairy Farm to Bukit Timah & Back

Sunday's trail run was one that was far more fun that the usual mundane route of typical MR.

What started out as a run to test out Jasmine's new hydration pack, became a half day running activity.

The first leg of the run was the usual jog to Rifle Range Link...pretty standard apart from the alternative route Adrian took us after the ranger station.

The next series of slopes after the road stretch along Rifle Range turned out to be the same ones we took while riding BT on our mountain bikes!

We cut through BT and made our way further down, hitting Dairy Farm which wasn't very far away, by the time we reach, only 10km had been completed.

Adrian who was the familiar guide amongst us, gave a few running tips along the way, especially for those taking part in TNF later this year.

I finally got to see the Dairy Farm & Wallace Education Centre for the first time, plastics cows, how about that? No real ones sadly =(

Our final destination was at the summit of BT hill...haven't been up here in awhile! Nothing much to see

We cut the run midway for dinner since it was 12...Naans! Been awhile! Totally in love with the ones at Al Azhar. =D

Cause Eve had sprain her ankle on the way down BT, Din and Jack accompanied her back while Calvin, Adrian, Jasmine and I did another 10km back to MacRitchie via Bukit Timah.

The run was a really slow one, but nonetheless a fun adventure with the NB runners.

The run ended with hi-tea at Provence at Holland Village followed by dinner before everyone parted ways.

Great run, am looking forward to the next one already. =)


Lay Hoon said...

are you planning another trip?

Endruuu said...

Lay Hoon! We do it from time to time, but not sure when the next one will be. But you can keep a look out wherever we post on nb Facebook page :)