Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Living With the Model S - The Verge

The Tesla Roadster is probably one of the most well known electric cars around, and made a name for itself for being able to keep up with its gasoline counterparts.

However, sports cars are great but not practical, and hence with the Model S (shown above), Tesla intends to bring their branding to a more practical market, but still touching towards the performance luxury models such as BMWs and Lexus etc.

The Verge were given a Model S to test for a road trip and despite almost running into a few potential problems with charging, they managed to complete their journey without a hitch.

I have to admit though, with Tesla's charging stations and charging system being proprietary, and not universal like gasoline pumps, plus with the current lawsuits going around regarding patents & intellectual property, we might not see the future of electric cars taking off the way we'd seen the combustion engine did.

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