Friday, February 08, 2013

Aprilia & Their Scoots

Was randomly browsing and came across these, did not know Aprilia made scooters, but then again I guess since they make bikes, why not scoots right?

I guess it's true what they say, some times you don't notice something until you start looking them up.

Damn cute la. =)

Sportcity One




AL said...

a scooter like that looks too hipster for you! xin would match it better!

Endruuu said...

Haha, which one? The Mojito? From certain angle it looks nice man, then from certain angles it looks like the design is trying too hard.

Colin Wan said...

I just went to see Vespa photos. Change of verdict, sportcity seems like the coolest scooter, like batpod.

Endruuu said...

Ya that's what caught my attention, especially since the one in the picture is matte!

In terms of power though, I think among the 3, the Scarabeo is the strongest at 180cc, the other two I believe are 125cc.

Colin Wan said...

If your office only 10mins ride away, 180 vs 125cc shouldn't matter much mah.

Endruuu said...


I did note though from trainers advice that some times a bike with better pick up could get you out of a sticky situation faster than one with lower horse power, such as negotiating a right turn with oncoming traffic or zipping out from between two cars if one gets rather close.

Still very green to the idea of bike riding, have loads to learn!

Colin Wan said...

I never see how busy your road to work is but you sound like its gonna be like riding through NYC rush hour then maybe go for a higher cc lor.

Endruuu said...

The higher cc for quicker acceleration is more like a general safety thing, guess when I start the practical training next week I'll have a better idea why so