Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blackberry's New Lineup - Z10, Q10, and the BB10 OS

Since the release of the first iPhone, Rim's original business phone has seen a pretty dramatic decline in sales due to its inability to keep up with the times.

I recall how some friends of mine were BB users and weren't keen on the iPhone saying "the BB gets the job done well", only to later switch over to iOS and go "omg wtf where have you been all my life?!?!"

A few years have passed and Rim's market share has been falling hard, so with the release of their new Blackberry lineup, they're hoping things will be looking up for the company.

Check out the Blackberry Z10, I love this design! It looks like an extension of the iPhone 5's design cues. A good mix of glass, metal, and textured soft back, certainly a looker that competes with the likes of the iPhone 5, Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia and HTC phones. And just like the iPhone, there's a white version too!

I have never touched a BB device so I can't say much about the interface, but to my understanding, Blackberry 10, their new interface, is revamped from the ground up too, and hence shouldn't be compared to its older BB models.

The OS isn't fully matured yet, as explained by Josh from The Verge, there is a lot of potential but unlike iOS or Android which has come a long way since its first beginnings, BB10 might get there one day but it'll take awhile.

For the more hands on user, there's a Q10 that comes with a physical keyboard, great for those who would prefer a more tactile response with their typing.

The Verge has already released a review of the Blackberry Z10, do check it out. =)

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