Monday, December 03, 2012

Dunearn Secondary 50th Anniversary Celebration

Since I stepped out of Dunearn at the end of 2000, I hardly had any reason to go back to the place, it's not that I didn't want to, but I was tied up with working part time at Black Angus that I never really saw a reason to head back.

Fast forward to 2012, I found myself attending Dunearn's 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Singapore Orchid Country Club...the best part? I didn't know how old my school was until I received the invite earlier this year. =P

I should have blogged about this awhile back but my MacBook was sent for servicing and hence the delay...gonna just caption stuff along the way instead.

Ms Seng! Our form teacher in secondary 4

Me with Maggie and Gracia

Sky was also there, which was great since we both got to mingle with fellow teachers like Mr Rani

Juniors from school, including Leon's brother Marcus, 2nd from the right.

Our table! Aizat on the left is a former camp mate of mine in NS. Beside me is Nicholas who's also a runner and common friend of some of the NB runners I know.

Apart from meeting old friends and catching up with one another, the performances were good, though I sat really far at the back so I couldn't really hear or watch much, though the performance from the band was pretty impressive.

Food was pretty darn good too. No pork was served to accomodate our Muslim friends, and I thought the menu was well pulled off.

Overall, I enjoyed myself that evening. for $80, the opportunity to mingle with old friends, enjoy a decent meal, and reflect on old times, you really can't put a price tag to it. =)

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